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The clients we serve are precious creations of our heavenly Father. However, they have believed a lie. The lie was created by our enemy, the father of lies. The truth is the only tool we have that successfully untangles the web of lies. The truth is ever-present and it must be revealed by those who know it. So, that’s what we do. We reveal the truth of life in the womb and we reveal the truth of God’s gift of His Son.



Every day we watch as women are impacted by the truth we share. The truth “sets them free” from the tangled web of lies. As they accept the truth about the babies in their wombs and as they see, some for the first time, the love of their Savior, new life occurs. Babies are saved and souls are saved for eternity.



Our clients have many opportunities to interact with our staff and volunteers. Whether on the RV, at the center, through follow-up phone calls, in the classroom, shopping in Emma’s Closet, stopping by for a quick visit, or grabbing a quick pack of diapers because Jr. just ran out, we greet our clients every time with a genuine love. It is through this relationship based on love that we are able to share the reality of a Savior who has changed our lives.

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