Start a Baby Bottle Campaign Today.

Loose change can easily go unnoticed. What if your loose change though can change a life? Start a campaign today at your church, at your office, at your school or even in your family.

How it works?

Simply decide where and with whom you want to run a baby bottle campaign with. Then receive your baby bottle starter kit from us. Next invite people to join your campaign. Once that is done, set a goal to reach. Finally, everyone collects loose change together over a span of 30 days.

As a result of leading a campaign you will together raise a suprising amount of money that will go towards extending and expanding our services to help men and women in any unintended pregnancy.

You can start and run a baby bottle campaign anytime, anywhere. We make it easier than changing a diaper.

For Churches

Run a Baby Bottle campaign throughout your entire church or inside a ministry like a children’s ministry, youth ministry or an adult small group. Baby bottles are a great addition to include in any message series that relates to families, sanctity of life, generosity or mission.

For Offices

Many offices runs a yearly Super Bowl pool or a NCAA Basketball bracket challenge. These types of community initiatives always help deepen relationships and bring people together. Why not run a baby bottle campaign within your office? When you run a campaign it will not only be fun to do but will provide a positive experience for your co-workers to enjoy together.

For Schools

A baby bottle campaign can be a great teaching tool for any grade in any school. When a class or a entire school participates in a baby bottle campaign it not only teaches students about generosity but also the value of working together to achieve a greater goal. We have starter kits for both public and private schools.

For Families

Families today are being pulled in all different directions. Sometimes it is difficult to find time and something to do that helps bring your family back together. When you run a baby bottle campaign within your own family you give everyone a chance to give towards a great cause and achieve something significant together.

To get started email or call 330-644-4490