Did you know that 1 out of 3 women will have an abortion before the age of 45?

For many of us, we want to do something about the abortion crisis but we don’t know where to start. Take action today in the LIFE CHALLENGE.

The LIFE CHALLENGE combines exercise, education and fundraising into a giant heap of fun. You will be able to complete the challenge as an individual or as a team doing something positive that will not only affect you but impact many lives including the unborn.

Whether you like to bike, walk or run, this event is for anyone who wants to make a difference for the unborn and help benefit Pregnancy Solutions & Services.


Complete a 10-day online devotion to learn about the deeper truths of abortion and the value of life.


Go ask family, friends, classmates, pastors, co-workers, neighbors and teachers to give towards your LIFE CHALLENGE.


Take action and finish one of our courses as a team or as an individual either by walking, riding or running 1 mile up to 20K


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    The LIFE CHALLENGE will take place on Saturday July 29th were you will be able to ride, bike or walk to help raise awareness for the unborn. Festivities will kick-off at 8:30 am.

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    Our event is being hosted at Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio. Most of the courses will be on the Ohio Bike/Hike Trail which you will catch from Christ Community Chapel.

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    This event is for all ages and you can participate as an INDIVIDUAL or on a TEAM OF 5

1 Mile Fun Walk/Run

A course perfect for those who want a nice stroll or a quick run around Christ Community Chapel property.

3.2 Mile Run/Ride

Our friendliest course for those who want a good run or quick bike ride on the Ohio Bike/Hike Path

12 Mile Run/Ride

Make your way up to Brandywine Falls then head back to complete our intermediate course for run and ride enthusiasts.

25 Mile Bike Only

Our longest course up to Andrews Road reserved only for the toughest of bike riders.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to raise money? We understand it can be uncomfortable for some people to fundraise. However this event is one of our largest fundraisers and we are asking all people who sign up to participate that you would look at fundraising not as a burden but as an opportunity.

Can I sign up as a TEAM? This year we are allowing people to sign up to complete the LIFE CHALLENGE in teams of 5 or register to complete it as an individual. When you sign up as a team, we hope it provides some positive peer pressure to help fundraise but also be a fun thing to do together as a group.

How do I receive the 10 Day Online Devotion? When you register please provide a up to date email address. You will receive the devotion via email throughout the month of June.

What will I get for participating in the LIFE CHALLENGE? First, everyone who participates will receive a T-shirt and swag bag. Greater than these items, is the impact you will make for the unborn and the fun you will have participating in an event like this for a great cause with great people.

How can I accept people’s donations? We use FundEasy which is a secure online platform to help with registration and online donations. Upon signing up, you will get a FundEasy page that will have a “donation” button where people can give electronically. In addition, people can send checks directly to Pregnancy Solutions in lieu of giving online.

What if it rains? Please join us in prayer and ask the Lord to provide a beautiful day of sunshine for July 29. In the event of stormy weather, we will notify all participants whether or not the event will be cancelled or not.