Boldly Daring, Never Ceasing.

When you join LIFESAVER you are making a commitment to partner with us in helping women and the unborn.

LIFESAVER is our online giving program that allows you to set up a recurring monthly donation which will help us extend and expand our medical services. By your monthly donation we will be able to reach more women and save more babies.

Our Goal is to have 1,000 members

A LIFESAVER can be defined in two ways:

1. Something that saves a person’s life.
2. Something or someone which provides help that is badly needly.

When it comes to rescuing the unborn from abortion, all of us can help. We all have something to give in order to help preserve a human life.

As a LIFESAVER member you are taking intentional action to reach out to those who can’t help themselves.

Why Monthly?

It’s Easy

Every month you have bills to take care of. Stop worrying about stamps and let us take care of your monthly payment for you. A one-time setup and you are all set to ensure your monthly gift is given on time and securely. Cancel anytime.

It’s Impactful

The more consistent monthly income we can count on, the greater our chances are at reaching our mission. As a non-profit, we rely 100% on donations and your monthly gift will allow us to keep our services going.

It’s Fun

Everyone loves to give. As a LIFESAVER we will make sure you know where your money is being spent and the impact it is bringing. Plus it is always fun to give with other people.

It’s Opportunity

Your money will unlock more and more opportunities for us to save the unborn and help men & women know who Jesus Christ is. With your on-going support, we can attempt to do all we believe God is calling us to do together.

Life is a Gift.

Become a LIFESAVER and bring help to unborn babies and families in need. A monthly donation of just $18 can help provide client and medical services every month.


Brett & Breanne Faris
John & Teresa Zehner
Andre & Donna Clark
Akron Baptist Temple
Jeff & Patti Shirkman
Jay & Sue Maxson
Mike & Alice Trout
John & Carol Hrivnak
Miguel & Michelle Guiterrez
Bill & Cynthia Wessel
Dean & Daisy Kleines
Keith & Margaret Starcher
Dennis & Becky Pike
Brad & Jennifer Mooney
Allison Stebbins
Doug & Martha Faris
Rick & Erin Alderidge
Kevin & Anna Armstrong
Edmond Fast
Dan Stockdale
S & K Asphalt
Michael & Teresa Mallinak
Eric & Sarah Smith
Maranatha Bible Church
Fred & Mona Hoppstock
Don & Cynthia Mathias

Keith & Connie Bowers
Bobby & Etta Caldwell
Brian & Ginnette Rostedt
Janis Walton
Jim & Peggy Farnell
Jon Rostedt
Randy & Michelle Bowers
Duane & Susan Crawford
Tom Heil
Heather Weitzel
Bill & Amy Jariga
Mary Thomas
Michael & Cheryl Becker
Al & Alice Buxton
Carol Burch
Concept Services
Amy Herston
Frank & Laura Robert
City Church
Rob & Christine Jagos
Danielle Marx
Clyde & Bea Merriner
Duma Meats
Valley Community Church